Villain Perfume Combo Pack (Black & The Joker)

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India's first OFFICIAL The Joker Eau De Parfum
Keeps body odour at bay
Long-lasting and unique
High quality fragrance for outdoor and indoor occasions
Strong tempting scent that brings out your wicked vibe
Skin-friendly and can be applied on clothes as well
Built with a unique concoction of Cedar Cashmere wood, Patchouli Oakmoss,Vetiver, and more
Ensures that your scent doesn’t blend with other cliche perfumes
Get your evil on, everyday!
Explore your villainous streak with all new signature perfumes for men by Villain. This new fragrance with woody and spicy notes, keeps body odour at bay and lasts long. Wear it daily and unravel your lethal charisma like a true-blue villain.

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