UrbanMooch Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit

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Beard Growth Serum That Serves As The Perfect Solution For Folks Dealing With Patchy Beard Or Not Being Able To Cultivate A Full-Bodied Beard. The Ingredients Of The Growth Serum Help The Shrunken Hair Follicles To Revitalize And Revive By Stimulating The Flow Of Oxygen And Blood Through Them. Growth Actives - Biotin Extract Contained In The Serum Boosts Our Body'S Keratin. This Goes A Long Way In Dealing Effectively With The Problem Of Thinning Of Hair And Promoting Hair Growth. The Extracts Of Ginseng And Saw Palmetto Leave You With Healthy Hair Regeneration And Moisturized Facial Scalp, Accelerating Your Beard Growth By Maximizing Facial Hair Volume.

How To Apply:

  • Thoroughly Wash Your Facial Area Or Scalp Where You Want To Apply The Serum And Then Pat Dry Using Towel.
  • Take 1 Or 2 Pumps Of The Serum (No More Than 1Ml) Into Your Palm, Apply Directly On The Area You Want To See Hair Growth And Massage In Circular Motion.
  • Apply Twice A Day With A Gap Of At Least 8 Hours For Best Results. It May Take 2-3 Months For Results To Occur.

Gender: Men

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