Total Nutrition Mass Gainer 6.6lbs (Cookie & Cream)

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Total Nutrition

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Total Nutrition’s Mass Gainer 6.6lbs (Cookie & Cream) is a High Calorie supplement which contains various levels of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Vitamins, Fats, Amino Acids and other essential Nutrients. Total Nutrition’s Mass Gainer contains more complex Carbohydrate in each serving.

Total Nutrition’s Mass Gainer includes Proteins & Creatine which is key for both Muscle Rebuilding and Muscle Energy

Total Nutrition’s Mass Gainer with or between meals helps you to get the Calories you need to convert into muscle gains.

Some of the Benefits of Total Nutrition’s Mass Gainer are:

  1. It is Rich in Carbohydrate
  2. It gives you the required calories.
  3. It contains High Fiber.
  4. It Aids Muscle Recovery & Growth.


  • This product contains Sucralose

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