THE BODY SHOP Tahitan Tiar'e Body Wash 250ml

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Product Description

Add a touch of sunshine to your makeup routine with THE BODY SHOP Sunshine Orange Lip & Cheek Stain. This versatile stain provides a natural and radiant flush of color for both your lips and cheeks. Infused with the vibrant hue of sunshine orange, this lightweight formula blends seamlessly, leaving you with a fresh and healthy-looking glow.

About this item

  1. Sunshine Orange Radiance: Infuse your lips and cheeks with the radiant hue of sunshine orange. This versatile stain provides a burst of color that mimics the warmth and glow of the sun-kissed outdoors.

  2. Dual-Use for Lips and Cheeks: Enjoy the flexibility of using this product on both your lips and cheeks. The lip and cheek stain offers a harmonious and coordinated look, enhancing your natural features with a touch of color.

  3. Lightweight and Buildable Formula: The lightweight formula ensures a comfortable and breathable feel on your skin. It's also buildable, allowing you to customize the intensity of the color to suit your preferences.

  4. Long-Lasting Stain: Experience long-lasting color that stays vibrant throughout the day. The Sunshine Orange Lip & Cheek Stain ensures a fresh and dewy appearance that enhances your complexion.

  5. Precise Applicator: The stain comes with a precise applicator, making it easy to control and apply the product on both lips and cheeks. Achieve a natural and even application with minimal effort.

  6. 7.2ml of Radiant Color: The generously sized 7.2ml container provides an ample amount of product for regular use. Whether it's part of your everyday makeup routine or reserved for special occasions, this stain is designed to last.

  7. Travel-Friendly Design: The compact and travel-friendly design makes it convenient to carry in your makeup bag. Achieve a radiant look wherever you go with this easy-to-use lip and cheek stain.

  8. Cruelty-Free Beauty: THE BODY SHOP is committed to cruelty-free beauty. Enjoy the Sunshine Orange Lip & Cheek Stain with the assurance that your beauty choices align with ethical values.

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