Staygreen Made From Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads XXL 320mm (Pack Of 5)

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Staygreen Biodegradable Sanitary Pads are made with 100% Organic Cotton. Staygreen pads are Rash free product made of organic cotton help prevent rashes during and after periods. On heavy flow days it is super-absorbent, rash-free, anti-bacterial and prevents irritation for skin. Staygreen pads are environment friendly: Biodegradable in nature and help you save our mother earth. No Harmful chemicals are used: Staygreen pads are fragrance-free, Chlorine-free, bleach-free and toxic-free. Every women spends an average of 40,320 hours wearing sanitary pads in a lifetime. It's time to make the switch! You deserve a quality and comfortable product.

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