Sonnet Wellness Biotin Gummies 30N

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Sonnet Wellness

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Product Description

GOODNESS OF: Biotin, Vitamin B12, B6, Inositol and Zinc to help you with your hair, nails and skin as well as promote your overall health and well-being.IMPROVES HAIR HEALTH: It enhances hair health and texture by promoting keratin production. It also fosters quicker hair growth, retains moisture, and effectively reduces hair fall and thinning.

About This Item 

  • PROMOTES SKIN HEALTH: It fosters collagen production to jump-start skin regeneration. With its antioxidants, it ensures glowing skin, improves skin elasticity, and fights premature ageing and wrinkles.

  • STRONG NAILS: It fortifies your nails from within, enhancing nail growth and supporting the development of healthier nails over time. It also repairs brittle nails, addressing fragility and helping restore it.

  • OVERALL HEALTH: Enhances metabolism, strengthens the immune system, increases red blood cell production for improved oxygen transport, promotes overall mental well-being, and supports cell growth.

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