Softsens Baby - Natural Hair Oil 100ML & Shampoo 200ml FREE

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Softsens Baby Hair Oil is a blend of 7 natural seed oils that gently care for and nourish baby's delicate locks & scalp. It has Argan oil and Linseed oil help to hydrate dry, brittle hair, leaving it soft, smooth & silky

Olive oil helps to loosen dry flakes from the scalp and reduce cradle cap effects.

This Baby Hair Oil has Sesame oil and Coconut oil which boost blood circulation in the scalp and supply proteins that help in thick, healthy hair growth. It also has Almond oil and Jojoba oil which helps to cure scalp inflammations and maintain scalp's natural pH balance. It is Hypoallergenic, Tested in Europe, Vegan, Cruelty-free, safe for use on infants and free from parabens, sulfates and harmful chemicals.

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