Skin Fx De-tan and Lightening Serum Mask Pack of 1

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Skin Fx

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Skin Fx Detan & Lightening Serum Mask is infused with extract of powerful antioxidant ‘Curcuma’ and 100% pure Turmeric Root extract helps in clearing clogged pores, exfoliates it gently, making the skin lighter and even-toned. It also helps in reducing redness caused due to sunburned skin.
This multifunctional disposable mask is pre-cut and pre-dosed with botanicals, anti-oxidants & other premium activators. It helps to get rid of pollutants and de-tan your skin, leaving it even-toned.
This mask is exclusively made with 100% Japanese Cotton which is lighter and thinner that provides more than 10 times of absorbency compared to traditional fabric. It is pure, gentle, and suitable for all skin types. It is serum-based, filled with various vitamins and minerals which enhance your skin.
The mask is designed & formulated in Korea that has high-level adhesion. It is advised to use it twice a week for best results.

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