Sirona Natural pH Balanced Intimate Wash 200 Ml

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Sirona refreshing intimate wash maintains the required ph balance (3.5) of your intimate area and restores the skin acidic mantle with its unique ecocert skin purifier. It is perhaps the first intimate wash to use therapeutic plant extracts and real exotic oils which help in maintaining healthy natural intimate flora and in controlling bad odour, irritation and itching. It has exotic ingredients like: €¢ Tasmanian pepper fruit leaf extracts an exotic ingredient from the forest of south eastern australia and tasmania. This helps in reducing redness, skin irritation €¢ rhodiola rosea root extracts a super anti-ageing and anti-oxidant element €¢ petasites japonicus root extract (butterbur) to provide a cool and fresh feeling €¢ oud oil an essence to cull bad odour €¢ coconut oil extracts a cleanser with natural foaming properties €¢ olive oil extract helps maintain natural ph balance and keeps your intimate area fresh sirona promise to pamper you with the most exotic elements from mother nature

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