SENSODYNE Soin Extra Fresh 75ml

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Product Description

Experience the invigorating freshness and targeted sensitivity relief with SENSODYNE Soin Extra Fresh 75ml toothpaste. Designed for those seeking a burst of freshness along with effective sensitivity care, this advanced formula provides a refreshing sensation while addressing tooth sensitivity concerns. Elevate your oral care routine with a toothpaste that not only revitalizes your breath but also nurtures your teeth for a healthier, more comfortable smile.

About this Item

  1. Extra Fresh Sensation: Enjoy an exhilarating blast of freshness with every brush. SENSODYNE Soin Extra Fresh leaves your mouth feeling cool and revitalized, creating an invigorating oral experience.

  2. Proactive Sensitivity Relief: Formulated with advanced desensitizing agents, this toothpaste provides proactive relief from tooth sensitivity, making it an ideal choice for those with discomfort triggered by hot or cold foods and drinks.

  3. Long-Lasting Breath Protection: Experience long-lasting breath protection with a toothpaste that not only freshens your breath but also works to maintain a clean and healthy oral environment throughout the day.

  4. Clinically Proven for Sensitive Teeth: Backed by clinical evidence, SENSODYNE Soin Extra Fresh is designed to effectively address tooth sensitivity, promoting a pain-free experience while maintaining your oral health.

  5. Fluoride for Cavity Prevention: Enriched with fluoride, a key ingredient for preventing cavities, this toothpaste contributes to the strengthening of tooth enamel, providing added protection against decay.

  6. Gentle Cleaning Action: The gentle cleaning action ensures thorough plaque removal without compromising on enamel care, leaving your teeth feeling clean and refreshed after each use.

  7. 75ml of Refreshing Care: Packaged in a convenient 75ml tube, this toothpaste is perfect for home use and on-the-go oral care, allowing you to maintain your freshness and sensitivity care wherever you are.

  8. Recommended by Dentists: Trusted by dental professionals, SENSODYNE Soin Extra Fresh is recommended for individuals looking to combine the benefits of freshness and sensitivity relief in their daily oral care routine.

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