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Product Description

SENSODYNE PRO SKZLIWO 50ml is an advanced toothpaste designed to address tooth sensitivity and provide comprehensive oral care. This specialized formula combines key ingredients to offer targeted relief for sensitive teeth while promoting overall dental health.

About this Item

  1. Proactive Sensitivity Relief: Formulated with advanced desensitizing agents, it provides proactive relief for tooth sensitivity, helping to alleviate discomfort caused by hot or cold foods and beverages.

  2. Cavity Protection: Infused with fluoride, the toothpaste strengthens tooth enamel and offers effective protection against cavities, contributing to overall oral health.

  3. Gum Health Support: The formulation may include ingredients that promote gum health, helping to prevent issues such as gingivitis and supporting optimal gum condition.

  4. Enamel Strengthening: SENSODYNE PRO SKZLIWO 50ml could focus on reinforcing tooth enamel, enhancing resilience against acid attacks and external factors that may weaken enamel.

  5. Fresh Breath: A pleasant flavor and effective cleaning properties contribute to long-lasting fresh breath, encouraging consistent oral hygiene practices.

  6. Professional Recommendation: Designed with input from dental professionals, this toothpaste may be recommended by dentists for individuals with tooth sensitivity concerns and overall oral care needs.

  7. Compact Packaging: The 50ml size makes it convenient for travel or those who prefer smaller packaging options.

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