SanNap Premium Digital Regular Tampons (Light to Medium Flow, 20 Pieces)

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SanNap tampons are designed to absorb the menstrual flow and provide a leak-proof confidence you can trust. Twist-turn opening makes tampons easy to open and carry on the go. Tampons provide freedom of movement, now dance, swim, jump, hop or run during periods. Swimming during your periods wearing sanitary pads is a no-no. You can easily wear a SanNap Tampon and dive right in. Tampons are discrete in nature, wear it with any outfit. These tampons are especially designed for those who get medium to heavy flow during those days of the month. Smooth and rounded cover for easier insertion
Individually packed, twist-turn opening
Now swim, dance, hop, run, jump, jog during your periods
8 unique channels ensure effective liquid distribution
Made up of compressed layers of absorbent natural fibers
Freedom from stains and menstrual odour
Comfortable and rash-free with no wet sensation

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