SanNap Baby Diaper Disposal Bags- 50 pcs (Pack of 3)

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Worried about disposing your baby's soiled diapers and the odour from it? SanNap has a solution! SanNap Diaper Disposal Bags/Sacks provide a safer and more sanitary way to dispose diapers. These bags seal in wetness and bacteria from soiled diapers and help control odour. Made in India, these oxo-biodegradable disposable diaper bags are a perfect solution to save you from embarrassing moments. Forget about black plastic bags and newspapers and use SanNap Diaper Disposal Bags! They are tear resistant and seal perfectly to ensure zero bad odour or leakage. These bags come with built in glue, just remove the plastic under the flap for the adhesive to work. They help the garbage collectors too as once sealed the product prevents human contact with waste. These environment friendly bags are oxo-biodegradable as they go through the natural process of biodegradation once disposed off.

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