SanNap Anion Anti Bacterial Panty Liners (25 pcs) & Intimate Foaming Wash

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Do you see white discharge, small urine leaks, tampon leakage, or wetness €€œ that spoils your undergarments? Introducing SanNap Panty Liners €€œ a perfect solutions for light days, white discharge, or back-ups for tampons. They are designed to deliver ultimate freshness for 8 hours without causing rashes or spoiling your expensive undergarments. We understand the needs of the modern-day woman who is always on the go, perfecting a thousand things with her powerful body. We€„¢ve created our liners to ensure that her body feels clean, confident, & comfortable every single day. Whether it€„¢s vaginal discharge, unexpected period leaks, or light urinary leakages, SanNap Panty Liners have it all covered. These liners are made from breathable soft cottony covering that helps in air circulation and keeps you fresh all throughout the day. High absorbency provides additional protection in case of leakage. The anatomical shape makes these panty liners ideal for all body type and ensures discreet protection. SanNap feminine intimate hygiene foaming wash is a special formulation infused with lavender and tea tree oil, designed for women's intimate hygiene needs. It helps maintain the pH balance of the intimate area, gently cleanses and freshens, removes odor-causing bacteria and is free from sulfate and paraben. Use it every day to help support a healthy pH balance.

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