RENEE Face Base Liquid Concealer 5ml

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RENÉE Face Base Concealer is your travel-friendly companion-cum-savior! It is a fluid formula designed to conceal any imperfections on your skin with an instant perfecting touch-up and a long-wearing natural soft matte finish! Its cream to powder formula locks onto your skin to completely cover all skin blemishes within the perfect drying time, giving you a professional long-wear result. Your skin feels extremely moisturised with a visible soft-focus effect that you can’t help falling in love with! With this ideal concealer, you are in for full coverage with a no-makeup sensation and a colour camouflage effect. It blends perfectly onto your skin, leaving a silky sensorial feel after application. The concealer contains a wonderful combination of Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower waxes, making your skin more supple and toned. It also features extreme colour magnifier tech and texturising ingredients to ensure supreme suppleness and smoothness for a seamless adhesion without breakage. With RENÉE Face Base Concealer, blemishes and imperfections aren't your concerns anymore!

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