Puresense Pink Gauva Face Mask with Kaolin Clay & Thanaka 65G

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1. About PureSense Pink Guava Face Mask

Treat your skin and senses with this delicious Pink Guava Face Mask. Purifying and glow boosting, this clay mask is enriched with the goodness of Pink Guava, Kaolin Clay, Thanaka, Pomegranate & Shea Butter. Indulge in this glow boosting and luxurious Clay Face Mask and embrace even tone and glowing skin.

2. Highlights

    • Pink Guava – Pink Guava is packed with multiple vitamins and anti-oxidants and is rich in Vitamin A, C and contains anti-ageing properties. Pink Guava helps lighten the dark spots and helps clear the blemishes on your skin. Pink Guava helps you revive your skin glow and helps you with a clear looking skin.
    • Papaya - Papaya is a miracle ingredient that helps deeply moisturise your skin and helps with pigmentation and acne scars. The skin brightening properties of the fruit help in getting rid of blemishes and pigmentation giving your even tone and glowing skin.
    • Shea Butter – Shea butter enriched formula ensures that your skin doesn’t feel parched and gives you moisturised, nourished & glowing skin.
    • Thanaka Powder – Thanaka is packed with Vitamin E, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties that is known to help with acne prevention.
    • This creamy, luxurious, tempting and oh-so delicious smelling Pink Guava Clay Mask helps revive and boosts glow.
    • All Skin Type, suitable for men & women.
    • 3. How to Use?

      Apply a thin layer and even layer of the PureSense Pink Guava Face Mask onto thoroughly cleansed face & neck. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes or until dry. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry. This pure pick is suitable for men & women.

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