Plum Candy Melts Vegan Lip Scrub 12g

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Candy Melts Mint-o-coco Vegan Lip Scrub is lovingly crafted with extra-fine exfoliating sugar crystals, mint extracts (unfortunately, not edible!) and nourishing plant oils & waxes that soften, polish and deeply hydrate your lips. Indulge in the mint-chocolaty flavor to keep all your dessert cravings at bay! Why me?

  • I am made up of extra fine sugar crystals to provide gentle exfoliation without damaging dry lips
  • I also contain Kokum butter & Shea butter that moisturize dry, chapped lips and help with moisture retention
  • I am powered with mint extracts that give a soothing effect to chapped lips
  • I am enriched with Carrot Seed oil to provide natural UV protection
  • I am also free from beeswax, carmine (the red colour that's derived from beetles, yes the insect!), petrolatum, artificial flavours, alcohols & synthetic preservatives
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