Plum 1.5% Vitamin C Toner with Mandarin for Glowing Skin 100ml

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The Vitamin C toner is a revitalizing, antioxidant-rich toner that will instantly refresh dull skin, reduce dark spots & enhance your natural glow. Get your glow on the go with this refreshing, light-weight toner, powered by 1.5% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Kakadu Plum, Japanese Mandarin, Witch Hazel and hydrating sugars. Did you know, the chemical-sounding Methyl Gluceth-20 used in this formulation is a naturally derived, mild, emollient moisturizer to keep your skin supple & hydrated! Vitamin C (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid): Boosts natural luminosity of the skin, refreshes skin & fades dark spots Japanese Mandarin: Enhances the efficacy of vitamin C & evens out skin tone Kakadu Plum: Promotes skin rejuvenation, maximizes hydration & protects skin from free radicals

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