Palmolive Anti Acne Purifying Gel Facewash, 100 ml

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This gentle and effective daily facial cleanser fights acne, inflammation and blemishes with a luxurious blend of Tulsi & Lemongrass Oil. Palmolive's Anti-Acne Purifying Geling Face wash removes impurities without drying your skin. When healing anti-germ agent Tulsi meets calming deep cleansing Lemongrass oil, you get the glowing radiant skin you've always wanted. This combo together reduce acne and acne scars, and gently cleanse acne-prone skin.Dose daily the needed amount of our Gel into your palms. Massage on your wet face & neck in circular outward motions. Once your face is completely lathered, splash water on your face & rinse thoroughly the cleansing Gel off. Pat dry. For best results, complete your regimen with our Anti Acne face masque. After cleaning your face with our Gel, apply our masque and leave on for 10-15min. Rinse thoroughly. For ultimate results, use the masque 2-3 times a week. Our Palmolive Gel is responsibly made up of 100% natural extract & has a biodegradable formula. It is dermatologically tested & suits all skin types. Join our family who loves this product & found it to be so light on the skin!

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