OZiva Inner Gl? Skin Brightening Night Gel 50g

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This skin brightening moisturiser helps enhance the radiance of your skin, and gently exfoliates it while removing age spots, dead cells, and other visible damage, for fresh, smooth, even-toned skin. This Night Gel helps reduce pigmentation with White Peony Extract Helps enrich the skin with Phyto Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that contains RAAZen-C Helps ensure fading of age spots, and reduce dead cells thus resulting in fresh, smooth, even-toned skin, with Orange Extract and Sugar Cane Extract Supports the restoration of skin barrier function and nourishment of skin through flavonoids for healthy, well-moisturised skin with Chinese Skullcap Root Extract and Yuzu Extract Supports the delay of skin maturing with Phyto Niacinamide (Tulsi Extract), a powerful antioxidant Helps brighten skin tone with Turmeric Essential Oil Helps diminish pigmentation and dark spots with Aloe Vera Extract

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