Old Spice Bearglove Body Wash for Men,, 400 ml

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For the commanding man, Old Spice Wild Collection Bearglove Body Wash can offer a scent experience as rich and complex as a gilded Rube Goldberg machine. It can moisturize and leave you smelling fresh throughout the day. The Old Spice Body Wash is simple to use and the bottle is a bright-red color, making it a breeze to find when you need it. It comes in a 475 ml container, providing enough to last for many showers. The men's body wash has a fun logo on the front that reflects the vivacious cleaning properties it delivers. The plastic container is durable, for a long-lasting strength that you can rely on. You can even take advantage of other products in the collection, including the invisible solid anti-perspirant, deodorant, bar soap, shower gel, cologne and body spray. Old Spice Wild Collection Bearglove Body Wash:

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