Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash (100 G)

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Whitening Face Wash Oil Control especially made for the Indian skin clears oily skin gently with it Oil Control System, mattifies pores without clogging them and lightens discoloration, leaving the skin smooth, even and fair because of the presence of 95% of Vitamin C.

Brand Description: NIVEA MEN understands the specifics of men's skin by offering a range of technologically advanced skincare with effective nature-inspired and skin-friendly ingredients to help men look and feel their very best. NIVEA MEN have been a true partner and trusted wingman accompanying men on their journey since 1922 and will continue to do so now and into the future.

Gender: Men

Skin Type: For Oily Skin.

Key Features: 

  • Enjoy a day out playing your favorite game or take a ride to the countryside and this face wash ensures that your skin is protected against oil buildup on the surface for up to 12 hours straight. Ensuring that oil secretion is kept under control, the face wash also shields your face against tanning.
  • Purifies Skin With Elimination Of Up To 99% Acne Causing Bacteria: Specially caring for your skin’s protection is the formulation of an anti-bacterial base so that you enjoy cleaner skin as well as better health without irritation and redness due to allergens and other factors. The soft formulation also eliminates up to 99% of acne causing bacteria so your face is always protected.
  • Reduces Dark Spots And Blemishes: Black dots are for the Dalmatians and your face is not a pet so make sure you fight the appearance of blackheads with this Nivea face wash and leave a clearer, more fine skin tone and texture.

How To Use: 

  1. Daily use on the face .
  2. Apply to a wet face, neck and collet by gently massaging in small upward circles, avoiding your eye area.
  3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

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