Nivea Men Cool Powder Deodorant - 150ml

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Stay cool this summer with the Nivea men cool powder deodorant. Its long-lasting deo freshness and talc like coolness help you beat the heat and stay confident all day long.

The fresh masculine fragrance combines with the no alcohol formula to keep you fresh while taking care of your underarm skin.

Brand Description: 

NIVEA MEN understands the specifics of men's skin by offering a range of technologically advanced skincare with effective nature-inspired and skin-friendly ingredients to help men look and feel their very best. NIVEA MEN have been a true partner and trusted wingman accompanying men on their journey since 1922 and will continue to do so now and into the future.




Skin Type: 

Suitable For All Skin Types.


How To Use:

STEP 1 : Shake the can for an even spray.
STEP 2 : Hold it 15cm away from underarm.
STEP 3 : Spray directly on skin, to get instant cooling effect.
STEP 4 : Stay cool and fresh all day long.

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