Luster Silk Chocolate Face Pack (500 ml)

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1. It helps Moisturize Dull & Dry skin. Helps brighten facial complexion. It comes with the beauty and effectivenes of pearls that help skin the brighten the complexion. 2. It comes with the best properties of Chocolate ESSENTIAL OIL which is a natural skin disinfectant and is regarded for its ultimate skin benefits. It can be used on all types of skin. Made from high quality, natural ingredients Helps in getting rid off dullness, stimulates epidermal renewal and rejuvenate stressed skin to reveal a new radiance Easy to use and carry. 3. Firming , hydrating & nourishing this pack is a vital weekly pampering. Very attractive & Reusable packing. 4. Totally Harmless & Effective from the very first use. Flush out the dirt from your skin pores with Tea Tree Oil, gain enhancing glow on your face with benefits of this oil. Strengthen cell tissues with healing properties of this essential oil. 5. Manufactured by one of the leading brands in skin care. Exfoliates aggressively, and prevent and act upon dull layers of dead skin.6. 100% safe for the skin as it is enriched with the best and scientifically chosen herbs.

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