L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Conditioner 180 ml

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L'Oreal Paris

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Here’s a well-known fact – hair can easily get damaged. The only thing that can be controlled is how much you nourish your locks in the form of conditioners. Give damaged hair all the care and nourishment it requires with the Loreal Paris Total Repair 5 Conditioner. Suitable for use on all hair types, this Total Repair 5 Conditioner gives women with damaged hair wholesome care while repairing it.

The five signs of damage – dry hair, rough hair, dull hair and split ends are effectively taken care of by Loreal’s exclusive ceramide cement that repairs hair fibres and strengthens roots. Total Repair 5 makes your hair silky smooth and glossy. Your hair’s vitality and strength will be restored and the tips protected so your hair is free from split ends or frizz. Flaunt your supple locks that are sure to give you diva status with this Total Repair 5 Conditioner.

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