LENPHOR Shimmery Dust Powder

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Prodouct Description

This super-smooth, shimmery powder is the perfect answer to an all-day radiant face. It covers pores naturally giving your skin a luxurious pearly finish. Turn lifeless face into a luminous look that does not fade away for long hours. A surprisingly lightweight white tone face powder, this one definitely is one of the finest loose powders out there. It feels satin-soft against your skin. The pearly finish effectively blurs skin imperfections to give plush radiance. The ultra-smooth texture with a flattering shimmer effect lasts all day.

 About This Item

  • White tone face powder that feels satin soft against your skin
  • Pearly finish that effectively blurs skin imperfections to give plush radiance
  • Long-wearing face powder for women that makes heads turn
  • Ultra-smooth texture with flattering shimmer effect that lasts all day
  • Extra lightweight makes its application easier and fun

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