KEA Glide On Matte Masti Liquid Lipstick -SARI NOT SORRY

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Product Description

Experience the glamour in our Glide-On Matte Masti Liquid Lipstick, blending smoothness, from meetings to celebrations.Glide-On Matte Masti Liquid Lipstick is the best of both worlds - smooth and silky, without the pesky dryness! True to its name, this lipstick Glides onto your lips like a gloss and delivers a Matte finish once done. Those Masti times of greasy food and one-too-many drinks won’t smudge or budge our product. Confidently stays on for over 12 hours before needing a top-up glide. Meeting an important client, a promising date, an elusive friend and an opinionated relative, all within the same day? The Matte Masti will be by your side, rooting for you throughout! It’s lightweight and durable qualities makes it the ideal all-day-wear choice!

About This Item 

  • Redefine your experience with our liquid lipstick, delivering a feather-light feel for unmatched comfort and refined beauty.
  • Our vibrant pigments groove flawlessly on diverse Indian skin tones, ensuring a bold and confident statement.
  • Long-lasting and comfortable, this lipstick offers an impressive 8-hour matte wear without the worry of discomfort.

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