KEA Gemz Gel Eyeliner -FIROZA

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Product Description

Elevate your eye makeup with Kea Gemz Gel Eyeliner—an exquisite choice for captivating eyes. Inspired by vibrant Indian gemstones, this eyeliner boasts rich hues that enhance Indian eyes perfectly. The gel formula ensures smooth and precise application every time. With intense pigmentation, long-lasting wear, and resistance to water and smudging, Kea Gemz Gel Eyeliner fulfills all your eyeliner desires. Unleash your creativity, confident that this eyeliner will maintainflawless allure throughout the day or night. Experience the sophistication of gem-inspired eyes with Kea Gemz Gel Eyeliner.

About This Item 

  •  Gemz Gel Eyeliner features a rich, creamy gel formula with intense pigmentation for a vibrant and bold eye look.
  • Our eyeliner boasts a long-lasting formula, ensuring a consistently flawless appearance that endures from day to night.
  •  Crafted with an advanced waterproof and smudge-proof formula, our eyeliner ensures enduring precision, resilience, and impeccable allure throughout the day.

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