Holdmay Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier Y15-20

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Humidifier is a kind of household appliance that can increase the humidity of the room. Humidifier can moisturize the designated room! This means using thermal energy to convert liquid water into vapor and mix with air for humidification. Humidifier can be divided into three categories: industrial humidifier, commercial humidifier, and household humidifier! Clean air, improve health, remove heat from heating in winter, and create a comfortable living environment! Water level protection switch, reliable operation and no mechanical operation! Features of high atomization efficiency, the diameter of the atomized particle throughout the machine is only 1-10?, and the gasification efficiency may reach 100%. With automatic water refilling, water shortage prevention, and overflow function, any drainage and water softener device can meet the requirements of white powder pollution without limestation! In order to meet people's needs for use and aesthetic function, the type of product is more sophisticated, the shape is richer and the material is more delicate, and the color is more eye-catching!

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