Herbal House Tube Rose Dish Wash Liquid 1000 ml

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Herbal House

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 HerbalHouse Dish Wash Liquid is high foaming, fast-rinsing, family safe formula and an effective alternative to the dish soaps made with petroleum-based chemicals. The ingredients are sourced from plants and minerals to make grease disappear. The concentrated Gel requires just a Capful (30 ml) to do a sink full of dishes. The ingredients were carefully chosen and developed into a premium product. Washing with ordinary dish wash brands usually results in formation of a white layer on utensils after they are washed and dried. However, HerbalHouse Dish Wash Liquid helps prevent this and leaves your crockery and utensils gleaming! It is good for efficiently cleaning not only regular utensils but also glassware and crockery. HerbalHouse Dish Wash Liquid is also soft on the skin due to controlled pH levels. Made without Parabens, Phthalates and animal derived ingredients, and always cruelty free products; none of our products are tested on animals. Add On 200 ml Refill Pouch Free

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