GLOBAL BEAUTY SECRETS Beni Lip Nourishing Seed 15g

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Product Description

An emollient and nourishing lip mask formulated from extracts of the beni seeds from the safflower plant. It is best used for dull, dry and chapped lips.A luscious hydrating lip mask made from extracts of the beni seeds from safflower, inspired by the magical beauty rituals of the geisha. A treasured Japanese ingredient beni seeds come from the herbaceous, thistle like safflower. The red pigment extracted from the beni seed has floated into the magical folklore of the geisha who used it to illuminate their complexion. The Safflower plant is said to have originated in Egypt and was brought to Japan traversing the silk road. It found significance in the Heian Era, where the beni seed was revered by aristocrats who wore clothes dyed in its deep crimsone hue. Beni is a panacea to all its symbolic of life and protection.

About This Item

  • You can apply it under your lipstick and on your lips throughout the day.
  • The Beni Lip Seed is enriched with Essential Oils & Butters.
  • It is Silicon & Paraben Free and No Synthetic Fragrance or Color is used in this formulation. It is not tested on animals and has Reusable, Recyclable, Bio-Degradable Glass Packaging.

Country Of Origin : India

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