eZY Menstrual Cup - Large Pack Of 4

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eZY Menstrual Cup for Medium or Heavy Flow (Post Child Birth) is a silicone based, bell-shaped product specially designed to collect the fluids during menstruation. This easy to handle and reusable products are the best alternative for traditional sanitary pads and tampons. This cup is ideal for women above the age of 25 who have had natural childbirth. A premium feminine product, it is designed to provide comfort and safety from leakages during monthly menstrual cycles. It is made with silicone material which feels gentle on the skin making it suitable for all skin types. Flexible and easy to use, it can be washed with water and worn for up to 12 hours of protection. It has enough capacity to hold normal to heavy flow without the fear of spillage. The cup has a convenient stem with round shaped bottom that ensures easy insertion and removal. It has a long lasting and durable built and may last up to 10 years. eZY cups are hygienic and they ensure safe and hygienic usage.

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