Evam Skin Lightening Face Wash

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Asian women have had a long history of flawless porcelain-like skin. A treasured beauty secret of the ancient oriental world for their ever-growing, everlasting radiance, now unveiled to the world for all to benefit and demystify the meaning of real beauty. From the botanical gardens of Japan comes a flower- ‘Camellia Japonica’ which when mixed with good organics such as Liquorice, Gooseberry, Mulberry, Bearberry and Aloe Vera, conceives a potion that grants your complexion a sculpted and revivified look. It tones down the dark spots for even more wonderful and younger-looking skin. This gentle formulation is free of sulphates, parabens or any other lab created harmful chemicals and effectively removes dirt, excessive oil and makeup residue from your skin without causing any form of irritation or discomfort. Naturally mild for all possible skin types. Evam's top of the line ingredients and products offer the most effective results in the safest ways known to human.

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