Evam Rosemary Neem Head To Toe Wash

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Envelop your senses in the goodness of nature as every bath turns into an escape to the wilderness. The ancient wisdom of Neem amalgamated with the evergreen Rosemary culminates in an emulsion so serene that awakens your mind, body and soul. Every drop of this soft nectar has been carefully crafted to deliver a rich bathing experience. Formulated with ECOCERT natural branched polysaccharides, this 3 in 1 product can form a protective coat on the body, face and hair, and prevents the adhesion of undesired bacteria, this distinctive head to toe wash also possesses other functional organic extracts such as Witch Hazel & Aloe Vera. This makes it unapproachable for any harmful chemicals such as Sulphates and Parabens resulting in the most exceptional protective care for your skin. This is a unique product that saves you from the hassle of using different products for different parts of the body.

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