Evam Pearl Seaweed Face Lotion

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The sea blessed humankind with the gift of life. From its very bed originate two precious gems which when fused together can bless humanity with the everlasting boon of youthfulness. The luminous shine of the Pearl intertwined with the lushness of Seaweed can make you an object ultimate desire. The lotion adds a protective layer to your facial skin with the Pearl Protein ensuring a radiant, youthful skin while the Seaweed extracts relieve your skin of any irritants keeping it perpetually hydrated. The flower power of Sunflower and Black Wattle together make your skin soft as you've never experienced before and protect it from withering away. This skin-friendly blend is free of any parabens or silicones and any other harmful chemicals. An all-day lotion, suitable for all skin types.

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