DoYou The Insta Gang (Oil free Moisturiser + Plumping Lip Serum Cinnamon)

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Balance out your addiction to the 'Gram with adequate protection from blue light induced skin damage, courtesy — the DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser. Oh, and while you're at it, you better get selfie-ready with a plump pout, courtesy — the DoYou Cinnamon Plumping Lip Serum.

Key Features: DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser: Provides all-round protection from daily skin stressors AND lightweight hydration that feels like second skin Hyaluronic acid helps replenish and maintain skin's moisture content for long DoYou Cinnamon Plumping Lip Serum: Instantly improves blood circulation to the lips, followed by a warm, tingling sensation leading to a high-glam pout Lightweight, non-sticky formula moisturises chapped lips and strengthens the protective barrier

How To Use: 1. Squeeze out an almond-sided amount of the DoYou Oil-Free Moisturiser onto your palm 2. Massage in circular motions until the formula gets absorbed 3. Now glide the roller of the DoYou Mint Plumping Lip Serum twice over your lips to ensure complete coverage 4. Now let the formula do its job while you get dressed 5. Wear lipstick right before you step out or just go glossy with a sheer, plump pout

Country To Origin: India

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