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The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your facial skin. Add to that unavoidable factors like pollution, sun damage, cosmetic formulas... and your pout feels (and looks) as parched as a desert! Enter: The shot of caffeine that'll end the dry spell. Luscious, pillow-soft lips... coming right up!

Key Features: A Butter-Soft Pout: Even the most luxurious lipstick won't sit well on flaky, chapped lips, so prioritize care over colour— caffeine keeps your pout supple by exfoliating dead skin and creating a rich, protective hydrating film over your lips Age-Proof Your Lips: Lip ageing is just as legit as skin ageing, we're talking chapped lips and sagging skin around the area — vitamin E-rich formula tightens the skin, offers sun protection and boosts collagen (cellular protein responsible for skin elasticity) Serum ≠Sticky: Gooey, sticky lips are such a turn-off — this one's lightweight, non-sticky, and fits right in your routine... wear it with your lipstick during the day and include in your bedtime beauty routine for overnight nourishment Ideal for: dry, chapped, flaky lips

How To Use: 1. Glide the roller twice over your lips to ensure complete coverage 2. Wear it over or under your lipstick or just stick to a sheer, glossy pout 3. Double up for best results — leave it on overnight and wake up to softer lips

Country To Origin: India

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