DoYou Plumping Lip Serum - Cinnamon

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Consider this magic wand as your swish ticket to heaven (read plump, luscious lips). We're talking a revolutionary formula that instantly gets you fuller lips for that last-minute Friday night date while undoing the damage that your pout goes through all day, every day! Add a woody cinnamon aroma to the picture and that's an irresistable steal deal.

Key Features: Pump Up The Plump: Everything goes on the 'Gram... fuller, glossy lips will only take your selfie game to the next level— this formula instantly improves blood circulation to the lips, followed by a warm, tingling sensation leading to a luscious, high-glam pout Lip Love 101: Pollution + drying lipsticks + constant lip licking + air-conditioning = flaky, chapped lips — sunflower oil turns up the hydration, vitamin E strengthens the protective barrier and cinnamon oil wards away any possible lip infection Serum ≠Sticky: Gooey, sticky lips are such a turn-off — this one's lightweight, non-sticky, and fits right in your routine... wear it under your lipstick or over it or just swipe for sheer glossiness! Ideal for: all of us, whenever we want to put our best lip forward

How To Use: 1. Glide the roller twice over your lips to ensure complete coverage 2. Now let the formula do its job while you get dressed 3. Wear lipstick right before you step out 4. Retouch the serum over your colour any time of the day (for added drama) 5. Or just go glossy — strut out with a sheer, plump pout

Country To Origin: India

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