DoYou Massaging Mousse Mask

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Since you're always up for the next new thing, both in life and skincare, here's THE masking revolution for your experimental soul. Brace yourself for a quick magic show — this formula goes from powder to mousse in 30 seconds flat! Fun to prepare and re-energizes tired EOD skin....we'll sign up for that!

Key Features:

Hit Refresh: Long work hours + longer commute isn't the combo your skin's looking for — consider this rejuvenating mask the reset button for a dull, tired complexion

Master Of Moisture: Spending long hours in cramped, dry (especially air-conditioned spaces) can suck the moisture out of your skin — sea buckthorn oil promises an instant boost of cellular-level hydration

Rebalances Skin: Your zest for a fast-paced life can leave your skin feeling frail — ever heard of a mask that restores lost minerals and resets the oil-water balance of your skin?

Comfort First: You probably want to do a million things while you mask (hello, multitasker) — non-drip mousse lets you paint your nails or even cook dinner while masking (full points for convenience)

Ideal for: tired, overworked skin

How To Use:

1. Start with 40ml of cold water in a glass/plastic bowl

2. Sprinkle the powder formula across the water surface (like salt over food)

3. Empty the sachet and let it swell on its own for a minute

4. Once the mousse is ready, apply on your face and neck using your fingers

5. Leave it on for 15 minutes, gently massage the mousse on your skin before rinsing off with water

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