DOVE Colloidal Oatmeal & Calendula Oil 298 g

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There’s one essential step for achieving smooth skin that shouldn’t be overlooked: exfoliation. So, gently buff away dry, dull skin while caring for your skin with Dove Oatmeal and Calendula Oil Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub. Made with ¼ moisturizing cream, Dove Exfoliating Body Polish and Scrub restores skin’s nutrients as it exfoliates, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. With a smooth, easily spreadable texture, this Dove Sulfate-Free Body Exfoliator Scrub gives you beautifully creamy coverage while releasing a gently herbal and floral hypoallergenic fragrance. Get all the effectiveness you’d look for in Exfoliators or a Shower scrub wash, but with the nourishment and care that your skin needs in the shower. 

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