Carmesi Eyebrow Razor

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  • Salon-like Eyebrows: The exceptionally precise blade on the Carmesi Eyebrow Razor helps you target even the most difficult areas of your eyebrows and upper lip to get a salon-like finish at home.
  • Shielding Tip Protects from Cuts: The eyebrow razor comes with a shielding tip that keeps your eyes and lips protected from cuts while shaving.
  • Easy to Shave Sensitive Areas: The blade is so narrow and precise that it makes it extremely easy to shave difficult areas like the corners of your eyebrows and the edges of your upper lip.
  • Instant and Painless Hair Removal: Shaving gives a painless experience as compared to waxing or threading, and it is super quick and easy to achieve right in the comfort of your own home.
  • Safe and Hygienic: The stainless steel is extremely safe and prevents any chance of infection. Further, the blade comes with a protective cap that keeps all impurities at bay.

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