Body Cupid Chocolate Body Scrub - 200 ml

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Body Cupid

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Make your exfoliation ritual a deliciously pampering experience with Body Cupid Chocolate Body Scrub. Enriched with fine walnut shell powder, premium cocoa butter and cocoa powder, it not only removes dirt, impurities and dead cells, it also reduces signs of pre-mature aging and reveals younger and firmer skin from underneath.
This awesome scrub has two superb ingredients Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter which are loaded with caffeine and antioxidants. Caffeine boosts blood circulation to firms up skin and antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals to slow down skin aging. Then there's Cocoa Butter that is an excellent for moisturizing, softening and nourishing the skin.
Be sure to include this chocolate body scrub in your beauty care regimen for numerous skin benefits. Enjoy its sensual feel and fragrance. See rough spots and dead skin disappear gradually. Revel in firmer, smoother, younger and so much more glowing skin.

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