BioWoman Gold Essence Hair Repair Shampoo & Treatment Combo (500+200ml)

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BioWoman Gold Essence Hair Repair Shampoo :- Gold Shampoo BioWoman - a mild Shampoo for dry, damaged hair and hair after a chemical treatment. Suitable for frequent use.
Therapeutic shampoo formula contains the smallest bioactive powder gold, created using the latest technology to spray gold nano particle size. This allows them to penetrate deep into the hair structure, restoring it from the inside and protect from further damage.
Shampoo not only cleans the hair, but nourishes and enriches useful substances, ceramides, biotin and nourishing vitamin complex.
After the application of a series of tools Gold Essence Hair Repair hair becomes soft, flowing and shiny. Detangles, eliminating confusion and hair become obedient.
For best results we recommend using in conjunction with spray caring mask and serum vitamin Gold Essence Hair Repair BioWoman. BioWoman Gold Essence Hair Repair Treatment :- Bio Woman Gold Treatment Hair Repair Formula 250 ml. Hair Repair Formula - Nourish Dry And Damaged Hair - Gold Powder 24K - To Increase The Efficiency Of The Hair Caused Deep Internal Structure. - Helps Make Hair Silky Smooth. - Through The Production Process Standards.

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