Bblunt Intense Moisture Conditioner For Dry Hair 100 gm

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Enriched with the moisture-restoring benefit of Jojoba: While Jojoba acts as a natural balancer to moisturize your hair from within, the Vitamin E in the product backs it up for that added moisture boost, essential for dry hair. Its antioxidants also add softness, elasticity and shine to the hair. So go on, hydrate and say bye to dry, rebellious hair. This one's a keeper! All shampoos and conditioners in the BBLUNT range are specially created keeping in mind Indian hair types, weather and water. They are carefully curated by Indian hair experts using the most luxurious ingredients that help to nourish, repair and protect your hair as you style it. They are enriched with a unique colour-protect formula and contain No Parabens. As a brand, BBLUNT is completely against animal testing; rather the products are salon tested and stylist approved to tackle Indian hair concerns caused by humidity, environmental pollution, chemical damage and mineral-rich, hard water.

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