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Bath & Body Works SWEET PEA Shea & Vitamin E Shower Gel, , 295 Ml

Bath & Body Works SWEET PEA Shea & Vitamin E Shower Gel, , 295 Ml

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Product Description

Experience the delicate and enchanting aroma of Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Shea & Vitamin E Shower Gel, a luxurious addition to your daily bathing ritual. This shower gel is carefully crafted to cleanse, moisturize, and invigorate your skin while immersing you in the captivating scent of sweet peas in full bloom.

About  This Item

  1. Sweet Pea Fragrance: Transport yourself to a fragrant garden in full bloom with the delightful scent of sweet peas. The fragrance is a harmonious blend of sweet floral notes that linger on your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  2. Shea & Vitamin E Enrichment: Formulated with nourishing shea butter and vitamin E, this shower gel provides essential hydration and helps maintain the natural moisture balance of your skin. Feel the difference in softness and smoothness with every use.

  3. Effective Cleansing: Designed to cleanse your skin gently yet effectively, this shower gel removes impurities and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

  4. Generous Size: Each bottle contains 295 mL (approximately 10 fl oz) of shower gel, ensuring you have plenty to enjoy over an extended period.

  5. Elegant Packaging: The Sweet Pea Shower Gel comes in an elegantly designed bottle, making it a beautiful addition to your bathroom decor. It's also a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate quality self-care products.



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