Baby Manicure Set - Blue

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Baby Care

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  • Infant Pedicure Set is High-Quality Material - Metal parts are made of high-grade stainless steel. And handles are crafted from ABS.
  • Perfect Nail Clipper – Nail clippers with curved cutting edges and comfortable handle for easy and precise clipping, making the trimming process quick and painless.
  • Soft-Tipped Booger Tweezers -Rounded soft tipped nasal tweezers easily remove boogers without any discomfort to babies.
  • Perfect Baby Manicure Set- Neatly stored in a convenient box for easy to get at home, also great to have along when on the go. Green and Pink colors are suitable for boys or girls. This Baby Grooming Kit Has Been Custom-Designed for Ultimate Comfort, Precision Grooming, And ease for parents.
  • The tools are stored tightly in a convenient, beautiful case and packaged in a designer box.
  • Infant Nail Clippers Kit has been specially designed with a rounded handle to allow for easy and precise maneuvering around little fingers and toes making the trimming process quick and painless. Baby nail clippers set are perfect for soft, baby nails that are difficult to cut.
  • Easily remove boogers with the rounded, soft-tipped nose tweezer. This tool is a great alternative to nose suctions that retain mold and bacteria and upset infants when used.

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