Alan Truman CB-09 Tapering Carbon Comb

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Alan Truman

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Ideal for barbering, semi-finishing, finishing a haircut. Its super-slim form makes it easier to go close to the skin and access difficult areas. This comb is great for variation in cutting lengths using a single comb. It can be used for fading using a scissors over comb.

Alan Truman 100% Professional Carbon Combs are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory keeping in the mind the fine balance between functionality and durability. So whether it is the deep-drawn teeth or the matte finish and grip or the burr-free teeth with antistatic construction, you get it all in a single hassle-free comb. These combs are manufactured with the best raw material in the world and are antistatic, heat, water and chemical resistant. A comb is indeed the most important tool you use everyday. So it rather be the best your money can buy.

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