Alan Truman CB-01 Wet & Dry Detangling Carbon Comb

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Alan Truman

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The detangling comb is made of a thick ergonamic base with V-shaped teeth for easy detangling. It can be used with wet as well as dry hair. The thick base gives excellent holding space and control when working on dense, long and wet hair. With 40% carbon and excellent antistatic properties, it can be used to comb and maintain thick curly hair too.

Alan Truman 100% Professional Carbon Combs are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory keeping in the mind the fine balance between functionality and durability. So whether it is the deep-drawn teeth or the matte finish and grip or the burr-free teeth with antistatic construction, you get it all in a single hassle-free comb. These combs are manufactured with the best raw material in the world and are antistatic, heat, water and chemical resistant. A comb is indeed the most important tool you use everyday. So it rather be the best your money can buy.

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