Adidas UEFA Champions League Victory Edition Hair & Body Shower Gel For Men 250ml

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Whether you love or practice sport, Adidas body care helps you realize your full potential. Be ready. Inspired by the most prestigious European football club tournament, Adidas UEFA 5 Victory Edition Shower Gel captures the adrenaline enthusiasm to mark the goal that will change the woman. Aromatic and dynamic, the Adidas Victory Edition is designed for football players who are passionate about sports. The fragrance opens on a vibrant blend of citrus scents enhanced by a green note of tomato leaves and an aromatic tip of cardamom. This transforms into an intriguing floral and spicy heart that blends classic notes of lavender and rose with an energizing note of black pepper fragrance. The woody tones of patchouli and cedar wood add refined warmth, creating a modern male signature.

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