Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant Body Spray for Women, 150ml

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For the woman who is dynamic and always on the move, seeking out fun in the way of work is part of her de-stressing. Adidas salutes her spirit with Fruity Rhythm Deo Spray which is a delightful infusion of colorful fruits and delicate flowers. She is a typical woman who loves to shop, hang out at the coffee shop and revels in the smooth texture of her favorite cheesecake. She is unapologetic of her choices and believes firmly in the independence of spirit. She packs enough attitude and spunk to send the loafers packing and enough confidence to be completely at ease with who she is.

Top notes which are a luscious, mouth-watering combination of blackcurrant and strawberry float into playful heart notes of cyclamen and freesia. Sensuous sandalwood and deep musk lend the base notes a powdery texture while anchoring the mass premium down firmly in your memory. Bottled in a curvy can that fits your hand perfectly; Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deo Spray lasts throughout your day into nights of parties and dinners. Embrace your girly side and relish the fruity notes of this bold, fun deodorant spray.

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